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Designated Agency

3) Buyer Agency:    Protect your best interests only. Hire an ethical Realtor that you trust. Don’t hire a realtor just because you think they’re nice.

Research Research Research

-Receive detailed explanations on how to ensure an enforceable offer to purchase is weighted in your best interests only.

-Receive thorough research on ALL available properties, plus all history of recent sold reports for all similar homes.

-Receive current information on updates and changes to real estate law.


In this new world of technology, Home Buyers feel extremely empowered since they have such greater access to information. Buyers feel stronger in their decision making than ever before.

It is true there is more access, but the information is not complete. Without full access and proper research to inside data, it is almost impossible to ensure the best price and best terms in any offer for a property.

To attempt such a major purchase using personal resources only,can be dangerous to your wealth.

You will find the best solutions through a solid relationship with a trusted, long term professional.


In any Real Estate transaction, make certain that you use contract documents that are approved by the Real Estate Council of B.C. The RECBC is a provincial agency set up to enforce legislation and protect the public; the RECBC drafts and approves legal documents that realtors use in property transactions to ensure full disclosure and to see that everyone is treated correctly.