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Dec 21st

L Ali Ahmed’s Testimonial

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It has been almost two weeks now since the sale of our family’s home on 123rd street and the purchase of the new property on 125th B Street in Surrey BC, both the transactions that you so remarkably helped facilitate. It is important to acknowledge that the entire process unfolded rather seamlessly without any hitch or glitch.
As it is only appropriate that I take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to you on behalf of Bob, Julie and especially Rose for your tireless efforts and the professional services that you have rendered to us throughout the entire time which surprisingly began almost six months ago when I first met you.
In retrospect, when I retained you as our family realtor you were one of the three agents that I had interviewed at the time. I am confident to say now that you excelled amongst others especially with respect to your thorough knowledge and vast experience of the real estate market in general but most importantly you had presented a unique insight and understanding of the local market and all the positive factors that would attribute to the families lifestyle and their long term interests.

Subsequent to our retainer agreement you quickly developed an outstanding rapport with the family and from day one began the hard work of fulfilling the goal of selling their existing home and buying a new one.
As you would agree that during this entire process some days it felt as if the wish list were too unrealistic and on other days there was tangible hope of achieving everything that we had desired for! What is remarkable however is that throughout the entire time like an experienced “Ships Captain” you kept your hands on the levers and guided the family smoothly through the choppy waters so to speak. You constantly provided them with the most up to date MLS data and all the relevant information required to weigh out their options. Above all you always remained impartial and provided a constructive advice. In the final stretch, you and I together with the family’s unflinching determination engaged in a very focused on the ground search and not withstanding the usual challenges we negotiated the purchase of an excellent property that the family is so proud to call Home! The closing dates which were such a critical component of the negotiation, enabled them to move from the sold property into the newly purchased home without the inconvenience and logistical challenge of arranging for the in transit accommodations.
Dan once again thanks for all your help! As an honest broker you under promised but Over Delivered and we appreciate it so much!

L. Ali Ahmed
President / owner of SSL Enterprises Inc.
Real Estate Investor