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New Canadian Home Buyers

New to Canada… Newcomers naturally desire home ownership. Too often the first adventure ends up being quite different from what was expected and there are few facilities that offer a one on one full explanation of the process. Explanations and proper research is critical to get the best deal.


Learn how Real Estate Agency affects you, find how a Contract of Purchase and Sale is constructed for your benefit only, understand how to use historical sales reports to negotiate, understand an Offer, working through the subject removal period, deposits, and taking possession of your new home.


Set up an appointment with a team of advisors that know all these answers and who the have patience to explain in great detail all aspects of your first purchase in Canada.


Being prepared with your financing can be hard and complicated. Learning which financing programs are available for you and which lending institution has the programs that match your needs is essential. Having your financing set up prior to looking for your home is a must. Learn why and how much money you need for a sufficient down payment and the papers and credentials that are required.


Being prepared in advance will reduce worry and stress and will help keep your emotions in line with success.

Our team is patient understanding and thorough. Call for clear, accurate information.