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The Law of Contracts

Real Estate is a process not an event, it is continually changing.


Every Buyer needs a full and complete understanding of Real Estate Law as it applies to them before embarking on this life defining process. Whether the experience is your first or your third, updates are necessary.


Too often the house hunting process moves too quickly from researching properties, to falling in love with the perfect home and writing the offer to purchase that home.

Negotiating back and forth, and having the Contract of Purchase and Sale accepted, takes a great deal of energy with a huge amount of emotion, the stress and underlying pressure often rules the day.


Too often the financial aspects of the purchase are incomplete at the time of writing an offer. This can lead to further anxiety, so it is a good idea to be prepared with your financial goals and plans, prior to even starting the house hunting process.


In addition, Agency Law and how the four Agencies affect your well being is also an essential part. Realizing how Dual Agency and No-Agency could harm or limit you, are items Buyers and Sellers normally have too little knowledge of. Every party to the process needs specific representation. At DanMillar.com we prefer to take the time that is necessary for explanation and disclosure of these major items so our clients are well prepared and stress free.


Not knowing these answers beforehand can be like a disaster looking for a place to happen. You need a smooth stress free education and method, to be certain of your total success.


These are just a few examples of details that should be explained and disclosed in advance to protect you from potential hazards. To alleviate as many unforeseen headaches as possible, set up a consultation with Dan and the Team.