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Down Sizing and Seniors

Regardless our age, when we decide to downsize our living space, certain challenges quickly become apparent.

I speak from experience.

Many people live in the same home 10 15 20 years and more. The Canadian statistic that shows the majority of homeowners move every 5 to 6 years, that is a majority no more no less, but there are still huge numbers that live in one home for a long, long time. I address this message to those individuals and to children who have parents living in the same property for a long time.

The issues that I rum into are not usually affordability, mostly they are size location and cherished possessions. More precisely finding the correct size to change to in an acceptable location, and how to deal with the fact that many possessions simply cannot be taken to the next dwelling.We have home sized and often outdated furniture that won’t fit comfortably in a new smaller home, but we can’t part with it, it’s too valuable. We make this move because it’s the right time, but it can be very difficult to make a final decision, it will be less work than a bigger but we usually are comfortable with the devil we know so it is easy to put this off. The biggest benefit is that we get to move to a location that provides a more convenient life, and we often get to put a fairly large amount of money away somewhere for future use.All Positive actions, but…This is stressful, this needs time and good timing, this usually requires re-educating ourselves regarding property values, an updated understanding of property condition compared to price, and a review of locations. Plus often there needs to be a serious updating on real estate paperwork and law.

Last but not least often a move is seen as an insurmountable series of problems rather than looking forward to happier opportunities and an excellent new start.