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Selling your Property

Faster. For more money. With the least amount of hassle!

Sell your Home with a proven systemized 14 point plan.

Way above average, our records show we average selling for 98.4% of asking price.

The only necessity in selling a home for the correct amount of money is trust, a good deal of trust between the sellers and their realtor, plus solid, accurate, information.


Our combination of skill, experience, technology, and ethics, ensures that we can sell your home for the highest possible price in the shortest period of time, even in this highly competitive, modern market.

How? We create more demand,,, What happens to price when you create more demand?


We Bring More Buyers

Our Unique Automated Internet Marketing Systems, 3 Custom Buyers Websites, and Online Presence 24 / 7, brings more buyers.
No one has put technology together as we have. Home buyers tell us constantly what a pleasure it is to finally have complete property search software available for free. Where they obtain new listings in advance of MLS.ca of public search sites.
See the difference yourself. No one provides Buyers with as much information, faster, in an easy to access search software as we do.

Sellers, we bring more Buyers to your homes

We offer more details for Buyers, who get immediate information on your property, and our programs automatically stay in touch for weeks of follow up. We ask each buyer that we speak with what style of home they’re looking for and then we bring them to you.


Traditional Marketing…

Your home is placed in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) database that everyone sees. Every Agent does this.
We offer much more, Full internet and personal hand held device websites, plus our Private Buyer Search Sites show your listing before it reaches MLS.ca.
We regularly run full color real estate ads with hot emotional key words on the internet, in local newspapers, and with door to door postal brochures, we out spend other realtors to market your property.

Pricing Your Home

There may be several other homes for sale competing with your home. We help you price your home correctly, not too high not too low, to attract the most qualified buyers.


Do you believe that success leaves clues? We have 17 years of success to prove that you’re making the right choice in using our services. Your Next Step …Make an appointment with Dan 604 288 5544